FC Schalke 04 Dominates Nuremberg: A Breakthrough Performance to Avoid Relegation

2024-04-14 23:22:57

As of: April 15, 2024 12:01 a.m

With one of the best performances of the season, FC Schalke 04 moved away from the relegation zone in the 2nd Bundesliga. Against 1. FC Nürnberg, the Royal Blues dominated from the first minute in the 2-0 (1-0) win on Saturday (April 13, 2024).

Thanks to their first success after only three points from the last four games, Schalke’s lead over relegation place 16 is now five points. The chance of averting the worst-case scenario of relegation to the third division is increasing. With his tenth goal of the season, Kenan Karaman was once again the one who put Schalke on the road to success, while Paul Seguin secured the victory.

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Nuremberg’s keeper Klaus stands up to Schalke for a long time

And the Royal Blues earned it right from the start of the game. Yusuf Kabadayi had the first good opportunity in the first minute, but he was denied by Carl Klaus from 17 meters. Five minutes later, the direct duel also went to the Nuremberg keeper, who kept his team in the game on further occasions from the hosts. Klaus was also there against Thomas Ouwejan (16th) and Karaman’s first good chance (42nd).

At some point, however, his resistance was no longer enough. Marcin Kaminski won the ball in midfield in the 42nd minute and initiated a Schalke counterattack that ended in the Nuremberg goal with a 1-0 victory. After the fast attack, Karaman finished on the edge of the penalty area and this time gave Klaus no chance in the near corner. Big cheers from the Schalke team, who had previously experienced another turbulent week due to the suspension of Dominick Drexler.

Tim Wichmann, sports show, April 13, 2024 10:31 p.m

Schalke’s Karaman misses a penalty

After the break, Karaman had the opportunity for the game against Nuremberg to be a little quieter – but he missed it. After a foul by Jannes Horn on Kabadayi, Schalke were awarded a penalty, but Karaman only hit it against the crossbar (56′). And that almost took revenge in direct return, but Marius Müller saved Schalke’s lead with a great save against Can Uzun (58th).

Sports show, April 14, 2024 2:35 p.m

But Nuremberg subsequently failed to build up further pressure on the opposing goal. Because Schalke no longer appeared offensively, apart from a Kabadayi individual action that Klaus defused (80th), the game remained close and the guests had the chance to equalize the game with a strong moment. And Horn almost had it – but his free kick from 22 meters hit the crossbar (84th).

Seguin puts the lid on it for S04

It was the last opportunity for Nuremberg to win a point, because shortly afterwards Seguin made the decision. Klaus initially parried against Kabadayi again, but Seguin gave the Nuremberg goalkeeper no chance in the follow-up shot (86th).

And so Karaman, Seguin and one of the best team performances ensured Schalke’s victory and a Royal Blue breakthrough. Despite all the unrest, coach Karel Geraerts’ team was able to put their biggest fears of relegation aside. Not just because of the points, but also because of the convincing performance.

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