Buckingham Palace changes the duties of Queen Elizabeth II: Prince Charles to take over

Queen Elizabeth II’s duties have been reduced as part of Buckingham Palace’s annual overhaul, so Prince Charles, 73, is expected to take on more demanding duties in her place. A Palace source, however, played down the significance of the changes, calling them a “small update”.

Buckingham Palace has reduced or removed some of the duties Queen Elizabeth II, 96, ‘must perform’ as monarch, as part of her annual review, according to the Daily Mail. It is the first time in at least a decade that the Palace’s annual report has changed or amended the Queen’s duties.

According to the Daily Mail, events such as the official opening of Parliament, once considered a necessary constitutional convention, have been removed. And some of the Queen’s most demanding official duties will therefore be taken on by her 73-year-old son the Prince of Wales.

The palace downplays these changes

A palace source, however, played down the significance of the change, saying it was not a “drastic” change, but a small post-Jubilee update.

The new version of the Queen’s role and duties emphasizes supporting the extended royal family, while moderating the specific duties the monarch must perform. Specific functions have in effect been replaced by a more general role of inspiring “unity and national identity” et “continuity and stability”to recognise “achievements and successes” of others and to ensure “service support” volunteers to the emergency services and the army, as related Daily Mail.

As head of the nation, the Queen only performs her duties “when appropriate or necessary”.

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