Budget committee removes ex-Chancellor Schröder’s privileges

The budget committee of the Bundestag has withdrawn some of the special rights of the former German chancellor. The reason for this is his closeness to the Russian ruler Putin. Pressure on the former chancellor also comes from Brussels.

The former Federal Chancellor and gas lobbyist Gerhard Schröder will have to do without offices in the Bundestag in the future.

Sean Gallup / Getty

The patience of the comrades with the German former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder is at an end. The friendly contacts with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Schröder’s lobbying activities for Russian state-owned companies have long caused outrage. But neither has Schröder allowed himself to be thrown out of the SPD, nor could his flow of speech be stopped in interviews. But now the coalition has found a way to cut off its resources in a different way.

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