Can diabetic people eat granola?

Granola is composed of a mixture of cereals, seeds, grains, dried fruits, honey and oats. Although the food is quite healthy, it is common for diabetics to wonder if they can include it in their diet.

Nutritionist Liliane Oppermann says that diabetics can eat granola as long as the recipe is made without sugar. “While carbs can raise blood sugar levels, whole grains and seeds provide fiber, protein and healthy fats, which help keep blood sugar levels stable,” she points out.

Liliane states that there is no ideal amount of consumption, as nutritional needs vary from person to person. The nutritionist stresses, however, the importance of people reading food labels before purchasing them. “It is important to remember that granola is a concentrated source of calories, carbohydrates and its excess consumption can lead to an increase in blood sugar levels. It’s important to read the label,” she points out.

The specialist gave more details on the subject on the Sport Life website, a partner of the metropolises.

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