Carabinero had to draw his weapon – Publimetro Chile

June 30, 2022 at 10:42 p.m.

“Why are you holding the gun?” asks the woman who records the video from inside the car. The same one that has gone viral this afternoon, after a tense police procedure was carried out in the middle of Alameda, near the Universidad Católica metro.

The record was recorded on June 27, and shows a carabineer with his service weapon controlling a driver and his partner who refused to cooperate. Given the driver’s refusal, the The police officer would have drawn his service weapon and this caused the co-pilot annoyance, who considered that “it was not necessary”.

But according to some media reports such as radio Agriculture, “The incident was triggered after the driver did not want to lower the window of the car, and since it was tinted, the police officer took out his weapon to protect himself, something that the occupants did not understand, causing discussion in the place.”

Pthat to everything, the controversial police control generated debate on social networks with people who are in favor and others against of the way in which the Carabineros approached the situation. “I insist that the one who records wanted to become famous” says the user @ rvchel.lf while he assured @ kenblock67 “Enough of making public something that makes no sense other than to overshadow the work of the Carabineros.”

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