Cassation upholds the death sentence for the son of the artist Morsi Abu Al-Abbas for killing his wife and two children in Giza

Today, the Criminal Chamber of the Court of Cassation, headed by Counselor Mohamed Reda Hussein, decided to uphold the death sentence issued by the Giza Criminal Court in 2019, to execute the accused Salah Al-Mursi Abu Al-Abbas, son of the artist Al-Mursi Abu Al-Abbas, for killing his wife and two children in Giza.

The ruling was issued with the membership of advisors Ali Hassanein, Adel Emara, Ahmed Amin, Hisham Al-Jundi and Dr. Akram Bakri, Tamer El-Gamal, Hassan Abdel Hamid, Hussam Hussein El-Gizawy, and Mohamed Kamel Pasha.

The facts of the case are due to the fact that the accused – at the Boulaq al-Dakrour Police Department – killed his wife, by preparing a cable and swooping on her, suffocating her neck, squeezing him, releasing her strength and clasping his fists pressing on her neck until he killed her.

This felony was coupled with two other felonies: the killing of his two children, Habiba and God’s Paradise, in the same way, and that was persistence and surveillance. The Giza Criminal Court decided to refer his papers to the Mufti, then sentenced him to death. The Court of Cassation today upheld the death sentence.

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