Catalina Gómez introduced her “brothers” and flirtations were not lacking

catalina gomez She is a presenter and former model who has been the most prominent face for several years on the program ‘Día a Día’, because despite the changes that the morning show has had, the paisa is still present. Without leaving aside, his other passions such as being a Health Coach, exercise and cooking and of course, his family.

Catalina has been absent from the channel for several days because she is on vacation with her brothers and nephews in Europe, as she has shown through her social networks. It should be noted that the presenter would be the youngest of 8 siblings, a task that was not easy for the rest of her family.

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The presenter is usually very active on her social networks and this trip was no exception, especially since she showed two of her nephews, who would not have a big age difference in front of her. However, the men did not end up stealing the show for this, but they did it according to Internet users, because of the beauty they have.

In the series of images shared through her Instagram account, the paisa assured: “These loves… That became so big.” And it is that throughout the photos the affection that Gómez feels for his relatives and the complicity that has been created between them is appreciated, because the time has brought them together despite the fact that they are aunt and nephews.

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Likewise, several users indicated that they looked like brothers: “Nephews? They look like your brothers and how cute they all are.” “Enjoy a lot that churros those nephews or uncles what a beautiful family”are some of the comments that can be seen throughout the publication, which already has more than 16,000 reactions and endless comments.

The truth is that some of the viewers ask that Catalina return to the channel soon, because they are used to whoever she is who is the main face of the program and also, her simplicity and spontaneity when presenting.

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