Cefusa Achieves Double Animal Welfare Certification: Ensuring Ethical and Sustainable Practices for Livestock Farming

2023-10-27 07:08:01

Jaime Forment Alba, Director of Operations of the OCA Global certification company, Inmaculada Cnovas, Deputy General Director of Cefusa, Juan Cnovas, General Director of Cefusa, José Fuertes, CEO of Grupo Fuertes and Alberto Herranz, Director of Interporc, Interprofessional Agroalimentaria del Porcino of White Cape.

Cefusa, a livestock company of Grupo Fuertes, achieves a double certification, with the highest qualification, in Animal Welfare for its entire pig and beef farm. On the one hand, it has obtained the B+ Animal Welfare Commitment certification that manages the Interprofessionals of each species, Interporc and Asici for pigs and Provacuno for cattle, and, in addition, the Welfair Animal Welfare certification (approved by IRTA and Neiker) . These quality seals ensure the good practices carried out in terms of animal welfare, health, biosafety, animal management and traceability that Cefusa develops.

Cefusa was the first livestock company to certify the Animal Welfare seal in white-coated pigs according to the Interporc Technical Regulations, in Iberian pigs, from the interprofessional Asici, and in beef from the interprofessional Provacuno. The requirements implied by these certifications, which are voluntary, are subject to an audit process that guarantees the consumer that the animal has received the necessary care for its well-being in all phases of production, with ethical and sustainable practices.

The company expresses its express commitment and that of its farmers integrated into good pig and cattle management and in animal welfare, health, biosafety, traceability and sustainability practices, guaranteeing the use of good practices throughout the food chain and maximum transparency to the consumer.

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