Mexican Grand Prix: Pérez vs. Verstappen Rivalry Takes Center Stage; Can Pérez Fulfill his Home Race Dream?

2023-10-27 07:28:00

Whatever happens on the route should stay there. “We have a great sport and we should concentrate on it,” said Perez, criticizing the media. These would create a rivalry from the outside.

“I don’t think Max will have a warm welcome in Mexico,” said team boss Christian Horner: “But he can handle it.” Verstappen had already been booed by Pérez fans at the award ceremony in Austin, Texas, last Sunday.

Meanwhile, Pérez is looking forward to his home game and has a lot planned. “This weekend you want to do everything perfectly and get the most out of it. If you want to win a certain race, then it’s your home race,” said Pérez. A win would be “crazy. That’s my biggest dream.”

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