Liège Night Violence: Tragic Incident Near Maghin Bridge Sparks Investigation

2023-10-27 07:11:00

It is still the imprecision which reigns a few hours after the events which took place last night in Liège.

Indeed, a fight broke out near the Maghin Bridge, in still murky circumstances. It all started from a theft committed with violence against one of the protagonists. At the end of this theft, two groups of people clashed. Thus, a group of three was attacked by a group of 8 other people. The insults quickly gave way to blows, with the fight then taking a dramatic turn.

It seems that one of the most virulent people hit one of his rivals, who responded with stabbings. Affected, the man then collapsed to the ground.

The alert was raised and emergency services quickly arrived on site. Unfortunately, the young man stabbed, a 25-year-old from Liège, did not survive his injuries.

The person who was injured and who allegedly returned fire with his weapon was transported to hospital. The police, who also went to the scene, arrested half a dozen people. All were deprived of their liberty, initially, to allow their hearing.

The investigation is underway to find out everyone’s responsibilities. Images from surveillance cameras will undoubtedly provide a little more clarity on these tragic facts.

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