Residential Fire Devastates Home: Firefighters’ Heroic Efforts and Animal Rescue Efforts

2023-08-19 12:38:14

The intervention required significant resources. Firefighters from the Picardy Wallonia rescue zone arrived in large numbers on site with several vehicles. It was neighbors who gave the alert after seeing the impressive flames coming out of the house. The occupant of the premises, a lady in her fifties who lives alone, was not present at the time of the events.

Firefighters did their best to prevent the blaze from spreading to other homes. – DR The firefighters stayed on site for a long time. -BL

Returning to the scene, she told the men of the fire that animals were present inside. Firefighters did their best to contain the fire so that it did not spread to other homes. Only when the flames are brought under control can firefighters search for the animals inside.

Maison inhabitable

“The resident of the house must be rehoused since the house is completely uninhabitable. She is, for the moment, cared for by her family, ”explained Captain Fastrez in charge of operations. “The causes are, for the moment, unknown, even if we know that it started at the level of the ground floor. But we don’t know what caused the fire. Regarding the animals inside, we have not seen their trace. Unfortunately, they must have remained inside in the rubble”.

Coming from the barracks of Tournai and Blaton, two fire engines, two tank trucks, a ladder truck, a command vehicle and an ambulance were dispatched to the scene.

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On site, the police were also present to secure the premises during the intervention as well as to draw up the report of use.

Significant resources have been sent to the site. -BL

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