“Celtics’ Unprecedented Comeback and Injury Concerns for Seventh Game: A Historical Achievement”

2023-05-29 05:00:41

The Celtics, who miraculously staged a comeback lore show in the sixth game in Miami, the momentum of “letting three chase four” continued to rise. Almost everyone, including the gamblers, was optimistic that they could end the Heat with a tie-break at home. Write down the unprecedented historical achievements.

However, before the start of the game, Celtics also reported a piece of bad news. Malcolm Brogdon, the main backcourt player who missed the sixth game due to a right hand injury, may not be able to play in the seventh game. This will definitely affect the green jersey The army’s bench strength.

Bogden, who was struggling with injuries, originally decided to undergo surgery after the end of the season. He scored 19 points and 13 points in the first two games of the Eastern Conference Championship Game. However, his injury gradually took effect at the beginning of the third game. In the third game, he made 0 of 6 shots In the fourth game, he made 1 of 5 shots and scored 2 points. In the fifth game, he retired after less than 8 minutes. He made 0 of 2 shots and scored 0 points.

In the absence of a retreat, Celtic basically only used 7 people to fight. Compared with the depth of the Heat’s bench full of wounded soldiers, there is obviously not much room to play, forming a 7-on-7 situation between the two sides.

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