Chapter 64 Till Silver Do Us Part August 12

Alejandra (Carmen Villalobos) tells Sergio Nicholls that he remembers seeing Chávez (Philip Botero) the night of Karen’s kidnapping (Juliana Galvis) talking to Luciano (Gregorio Pernia) outside her house.

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Rafael (Sebastian Martinez) y Vicky (Juliette Pardeau) are in front of the notary to sign the marriage documents, at that moment Milena (Stephanie Duque) receives a call from Alejandra. The young woman tells her brother that she has an urgent call and interrupts the wedding.

Rafael talks to Alejandra and tells her that he can’t talk right now or go to dinner. Vicky takes her future husband’s cell phone and tells him that they are in her marriage.

After their conversation about the day Karen died under mysterious circumstances, Alejandra, Sergio and Clemencia (Laura Flores) suspect that Luciano is behind the fateful event.

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Alejandra tells her aunt about the conversation with Rafael and suspects that something strange is happening and decides to go to his house to find out what is happening with her boyfriend.

After signatures, the notary asks the newlyweds to give each other the rings and express their wedding vows. Rafael realizes that one of the wedding rings has Jaime’s name on it.

Lorenzo visits Chávez, who is under arrest for Karen’s death, and tells him that he will represent him in his trial as long as he pleads guilty.

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Alejandra arrives at Vicky’s house and realizes that Rafael married Vicky. The commercial manager of Ramenautos cries inconsolably and complains to Rafael. Alejandra throws the wedding cake on the floor and Vicky confronts her.

Clemencia fires Josefina since she realized that she is the one who steals her things and used her card, Josefina confronts her. Meanwhile, Alejandra claims Rafael and lets him know that he is the worst man in the world.

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