Checo’s best race in Formula 1 with Red Bull, the controversy of the happy sanction and the retirements in the Singapore GP

Czech is a legend! The Mexican won the Singapore Grand Prix with master exhibition on the street circuit of Marina Bay and with it he got his second win of the season, third with Red Bull and fourth in his careerand with which he hits the table in the fight for second place in the drivers’ standings.

Charles Leclerc put pressure on the Mexican in the last 10 minutes, but the Mexican gave the chair and left Ferrari in second place, followed by Carlos Sainz. Perez was at risk of a penalty for violating the Safety Car procedure.

Checo’s sanction threatens the victory, since he could receive up to 10 seconds, for which the Mexican and a Red Bull representative were summoned to race control to explain the situation and from there define whether there is a sanction or not. The ideal in these cases is that Formula 1 launch the sanctions before the end of the race or at least before the podium ceremony. Before noon in central Mexico we will know if there is a sanction or not.

How are the rankings?

Checo enters the fight for second place in the drivers’ standings, as reduced the difference to two points with Charles Leclerc and takes off by 32 units over George Russell, which goes fourth. In the constructors’ championship, Ferrari came timidly closer, but the difference is still greater than 100 points.

Driver Ranking

Max Verstappen: 341
Charles Leclerc: 237
Czech Perez: 235
George Russell: 203
Carlos Sainz: 202

Builders Classification

Red Bull: 576
Ferrari: 439
Mercedes: 373

Sergio Perez Formula 1

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The delay in the start of the race

The start of the race was delayed by an hour due to a storm, which left the track wet.

The start of Checo Pérez

Checo had to attack Leclerc for the first place and at the same time had to defend himself from the start of Lewis Hamilton, and everything went well for the Mexican, because Leclerc fell asleep and he ate the easy errand, before reaching the first corner, for which he took the lead in the race.

Hamilton didn’t have the best start either, so Carlos Sainz, who started fourth, overtook him at the first corner and the Briton fell behind the Ferraris. Max Verstappen didn’t have the best start eithergot into traffic and dropped to 10th place.

Latifi took Zhou by the tie

Nicholas Latifi’s days are numbered at Williams, who announced days before the race that he will not renew his contract, but in case there were doubts about the Canadian’s continuity in this team, these would have been cleared up in Singapore, after the maneuver that sent Guanyu Zhou to the wall.

The Canadian, however, did not get away clean in this manoeuvre, so he had to leave the race together with the Chinese Alta Romeo driver. This was Latifi’s fourth DNF of the season. I have never suffered so many withdrawals in a year.

The Alpine Disaster

Of the two Alpine cars we had at the start of the race, we ended up with neither. So much Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon left the race due to engine problems, without even reaching the middle of the race, so the French team will have to work on its reliability for the Japanese Grand Prix. Fernando Alonso’s face says it all.

Singapore has been one of the races that has left the most abandonments in the season. In total there were six dropouts, either due to pilot errors or due to technical and reliability problems.

Those who could not finish the race were: Yuki Tsunoda, Esteban Ocon, Alex Albon, Fernando Alonso, Nicholas Latifi and Guanyu Zhou.

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