Chen Hao and Chen Yinyu’s “Love You More Every Day” describe their relationship (20:14) – 20220522 – SHOWBIZ

TVB and Mainland Mango TV co-organized the variety show “Sounds Endless”, the theme of the new episode continues to be “Love of a Lifetime”. The production team recruited Chen Hao and his wife, Aimee, to shoot a clip to share their sweet marriage life.

Aimee used Jacky Cheung’s song “Love You More Every Day” to describe her relationship with Chen Hao. Chen Hao said, “My song is also Jacky Cheung’s “Love You More Every Day”.” Aimee patted her husband’s shoulder in surprise and asked, “Really ?” Chen Haotian smiled and said, “I didn’t tell you, I didn’t tell you on purpose!”

They said that they will try their best to make time for dating in the past 9 years of marriage. In the past, they might go to dinner and watch movies, but now they are trying to buy time. Even 30 minutes to buy food or pick up children is considered as dating time. Chen Hao thinks that if two people are happy together, they will not know how fast time flies.

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