Chiba Jets and Yuki Togashi, who haven’t reached one more victory until the Emperor’s Cup victory for the first time in three years, will challenge the league championship with this regret.

“I have a goal of winning the B League in a row, so I want to switch my mind.”

Chiba Jets played against Kawasaki Brave Thunders in the final with the aim of winning the Emperor’s Cup for the first time in three years, but lost 72-82.

Head coach Atsushi Ohno said, “It’s really hard to lose in the final. I couldn’t win the Emperor’s Cup, which was one of my goals, but the season is still going on, so I got the right to qualify for the championship and finished the season in a good way. I would like to fix today’s challenges so that I can grow during the season, “he said at a post-match press conference.

As a result, he was eliminated by 10 points, but the fact that he allowed a large number of goals to 33-52 in the first half made a big impact. Head coach Ohno recalls the first half, saying, “When I was overtaken by Kawasaki because of my physical and toughness, I got a point difference.” “When the opponent’s shot came in, I got upset and the rebound part became sparse. By getting points, I became a mindset to regain points, and I could not correct it. It’s

Even so, as coach Ohno revealed, “I talked about trying to do our starting point again,” in the third quarter, Yuki Togashi played a central role in activating the offense, showing a catch-up with 11 points in a row. The defense has also regained its original strength. As a result, looking only at the second half, 39-30 and Chiba surpassed, praising “the players really did their best” and continued like this. “The point of reflection in the first half was the pick and roll coverage, and if I changed that, I think I could have changed to a defense with a common understanding. I lost a lot in the rebound, but I tried to do it in the second half. It’s a big responsibility for me because he showed me what I’m doing. “

Togashi also says, “Since it was the second half of the first half with reflection points, the result of doing what we did rather than the point difference led to the second half.” Still, he regretted the fight in the first half, saying, “I didn’t like the second half, and I think it was the usual way, so playing as a team in the first half was the cause of the loss.”

He explained why he carried up to 23 behinds. “The problem was defense, but I think I was in the middle of the players because the offense wasn’t working because I couldn’t shoot. So let’s get back on track with offense instead of defense. I have done it. “

Chiba Jets

Head coach Ohno “We are still not like this”

It wasn’t one step closer to winning the Emperor’s Cup for the first time in three years, but as I mentioned earlier, the league match is about to reach its final stage. Togashi said, “Of course, I’m disappointed to lose, and I have the impression that I’ve been pretty bad, so there are a lot of things I have to fix as a team for the second half of the season.” I want to switch my mind and work hard toward the second half of the race. “

In addition, 9196 spectators, including fans from both teams, gathered at the Saitama Super Arena on that day. Head coach Ohno said, “I wanted to win and give back to the many people who support Jets in such a social situation, but the season is still going on, so I want you to continue to push the players’ backs. That’s it, “he continued.

“I would like to fight together as a team so that we can express on the court that we are not like this yet.”

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