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Chicken merchant who disguised himself as Thailand’s first lawyer, risking a thousand years in prison

by archyde

After the story of the former Rooster Merchant was unfolded causing a lot of rummaging through the history of fake lawyers by “Mr. Pornthep Kachenphak”, the accused, who has claimed that he has been accused of more than 10 cases. Clips have been recorded on social media. by wearing a lawyer’s gown and take a profile picture with his own lawyer’s office A message was posted that acknowledged that the whole kingdom.

A fake lawyer is caught when one of the victims believes he’s hired. Fake lawyers have tricked the victim into transferring money of 40,000 baht when the victim demands the progress of the case. will be deflected Finally sent a false verdict. When the victim brings the judgment number to check It was found that it was a fake. This led to the arrest of fake lawyers in Kamphaeng Phet province.

latest councillawyer under royal patronage Issued an announcement to file a complaint against the aforementioned chicken merchants, while the Court of Justice has investigated the cases in which it is responsible. The name of the fake lawyer was never found in the related case. and prepare to use modern technology to help verify the lawyer’s information before committing

Former chicken dealer who disguised as a lawyer There was a history that in the area of ​​Nakhon Ratchasima province by this matter, “the news team penetrated the issue. Thairath Online” asked Pornthep Charoenpong-anan, chairman of the Lawyers Council of Nakhon Ratchasima, saying that there were no victims from fake lawyers to inform the review of the trial in the area. Forgery of a lawyer’s card is punishable by violating the jurisdiction of the court. There is a conviction of 3 months in prison if proven to be false lawyers say the case to the court. Offenses are counted for three months at a time, thus putting some people forgery up to a thousand years in prison. If checking for frequent misconduct

As for the case that the fake lawyer had said must consider If the case is not yet final The case had to be demolished for reconsideration. and had to request a change of attorney But the lawsuit is over There must be people affected by that case to file a complaint. Because usually can’t check the case by the name of the lawyer. which those affected must come and complain to demolish the case for reconsideration

“If the victim knows thatfake lawyerThis person used to say whether the plaintiff or the defendant have to complain to the court to revive a new case because when not a lawyer Everything was considered fake from the start of the case. especially in cases where there is a compromise If a fake lawyer signs his name on behalf of the client would cause the case to be incomplete because he is a fake lawyer.”

impersonating a lawyer This is the first case in years. But in the past, there will be “Ta Nai” who is not a lawyer. but will assist the client in finding a lawyer to help him Then collect the head queue from the employer. which people should be careful Because some people will have a tactic to charge more law firms than it really is.

Therefore, the attorney’s examination People must check the license before every time. Do not be fooled through the advice of others. or through viewing on the online world only because you will lose money by being deceived And the prosecution has no progress in the form of the case.

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