Chilean Vote on New Constitution: The Aftermath of the Pinochet Era

2023-12-18 01:12:02

The text from the Pinochet era will be maintained, since the two proposals made were rejected.

Courtesy CNN in Spanish | The text was written in the sectors on the right

With 99.33% of tables counted, the ‘against’ prevails with 55.76% compared to 44.24% of the ‘for’ in the Chilean vote on a new constitution.

This is the second plebiscite that has been held in just 15 months, with the intention of replacing the Constitution that still governs the country and that is inherited from the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

It is a mirror process, since in September of last year a project drafted by a Constitutional Convention that had a majority of progressive or left-wing members was submitted for consultation, and that was rejected by the right and far-right.

In the end, a resounding 61.8% of the population voted against the proposal, which represented a political defeat for President Gabriel Boric, who had only been in government for six months.

Now, however, the draft was prepared by a Constitutional Council that has a majority of right-wing and far-right militants, and which is criticized by left-wing or progressive groups, including the ruling party.

In the midst of the ‘against’ option leading the vote, the president of the opposition political party Independent Democratic Union (UDI), Javier Macaya, who is ‘for’, declared: “We are going to sleep peacefully today.”

“Tomorrow is going to be a better day for Chile,” said Alberto Undurraga, president of the Christian Democracy, who is also a supporter of this option.

In turn, the senator and president of the Democratic Revolution, Juan Ignacio Latorre, said that it is important that Chilean citizens “have transversally rejected the constitution proposal prepared by the Republicans and the right.”

Meanwhile, former presidential candidate José Antonio Kast, of the Republican Party, stated: “Tonight, a large majority of Chileans have rejected the constitutional proposal. […] “We recognize that defeat with great clarity and humility.”

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