Chile’s Official Meteorological Service warns of tornadoes and waterspouts in Los Ríos and Los Lagos regions – Stay Safe with Senapred Recommendations

2023-06-03 04:14:58

He Official Meteorological Service of Chile issued a warning for probability of development of tornadoes and waterspouts in the Los Ríos and Los Lagos regions.

The above means that weather phenomena with a degree of moderate severity are forecastpotentially risky. In this case, there is a probability strong local gusty winds.

As reported, the weather event It would start during the early hours of this Saturday. 3 of June until the morning of the same day.

It is expected that the situation will affect, in Los Ríos, the littoral zone, Coastal Range, valle y foothills.

While the advisory for the Los Lagos region contemplates, in the same way, the Coastthe Coastal Range, valle, foothills y inland coastline.

Besides, The alert that forecasts thunderstorms remains in effect. for this morning in the same sectors of the region.

Same prevention in sectors of sectors Coast, coast range, valle, foothills, cordillera, chiloe, inland coastline y southern mountain range.

It should be noted that, in the Meteorological Risk Report, it is reported that the amounts of wind will fluctuate between 40 and 65 km/h for Saturday.

Recommendations for citizens

Considering the above, from the National Disaster Prevention and Response Service (Senapred) population is recommended find out about the weather conditions; y stay away from power linesbig ones trees y billboardssince they could collapse due to the wind.

Regarding thunderstorms, avoid proximity to machinery, metal fences or gates, wire fences y power and/or telephone lines; y Do not use radio equipment, GPS devices, landlines or mobile phones.

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