China. Pregnant woman miscarries at hospital door because she did not have a valid Covid test

A Chinese woman, eight months pregnant, miscarried at the door of a hospital in the metropolis of Xi’an (north), in quarantine for two weeks after the worst outbreak of Covid-19 to hit China since the initial pandemic of early 2020.

Sitting on a plastic stool surrounded by a puddle of blood

She was refused entry to Gaoxin hospital for two hours on the grounds that she did not have a coronavirus test dating back less than 48 hours.

One photo shows her sitting on a plastic stool surrounded by a pool of blood.

According to her niece, who broadcast the message, the woman did have a drug test, but it had expired a few hours earlier.

Xi’an City Hall announced the dismissal of the hospital director as well as “relevant officials.”

An investigation was launched following the facts “which caused great concern and a negative impact on society”, according to a statement from the municipality.

As early as Wednesday, local officials announced to the press the establishment of quick access points to hospitals for certain patients such as pregnant women or those who are ill in critical condition.

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