China Roller Skating Marathon Open (Harbin Station): A Spectacular Display of Passion and Athleticism

2023-07-30 11:40:15

July 30, 2023 19:40:15

Source: Leading News·Heilongjiang Daily

Author: Xing Hanfu

On the 30th, the China Roller Skating Marathon Open (Harbin Station) was held. 6,193 roller skating enthusiasts from 26 provinces and 136 cities across the country gathered in Harbin. Accompanied by the cool breeze, athletes from all walks of life gathered on Jiangwan Road in Harbin City, enjoying the charming European style and wetland scenery of Harbin along the Songhua River, and enjoying the joy of sports.

ready to go

At 9 o’clock in the morning, there is still more than an hour before the official competition, but the reporter saw people crowded shoulder to shoulder at the starting point on Jiangwan Road. The staff arrived at the venue early, and all preparations for inspection, security, and medical security were carried out in an orderly manner. Some contestants were doing warm-up exercises such as waist stretching and leg pressing, and some took pictures with their relatives and friends. “The charm of the roller skating marathon is to constantly challenge yourself and tap your potential.” Zhang Chenfei, a roller skating enthusiast, told the reporter that holding such a large-scale international event in Harbin is like welcoming a festival to the citizens. They are very excited and more enthusiastic about participating.

game scene

At 10 o’clock, under the eyes of all the people, with the sound of the starting gun, the China Roller Skating Marathon Open (Harbin Station) officially started. The players who were ready to go started running passionately. 6193 players demonstrated the charm of sports with passion and tenacity. Measure the cultural heritage of Ruyi Damei Ice City.

game scene

The reporter saw that the participating crowds merged into a sea of ​​joy, full of vitality and passion, spread out on the straight Jiangwan Road, gradually elongated, and continued to expand. On the track, there are professional players who are charging forward, and roller skating enthusiasts who are struggling to chase; there are energetic young and middle-aged people, and there are also young people who save their energy and slide at a constant speed.

players scrambling

Sliding all the way, all the way scenery. The Harbin International Roller Skating Marathon track is not only a runway but also a landscape road. The contestants slide along Jiangwan Road, admiring the wetland scenery along the way. “Competition results are second, and the most important thing is to be able to feel happy while exercising.” Yang Zhiqing, a contestant who came to Kazakhstan from Inner Mongolia, expressed the feelings of most of the contestants.

Young players are not to be outdone

During the interview, the reporter learned that the China Roller Skating Marathon Open Harbin Station and the 2023 National Roller Skating Festival will gather 6,193 athletes from 26 provinces and 136 cities across the country to participate. Among them, the youngest is 4 years old and the oldest is 65 years old. It fully embodies the characteristics of the participation of the whole people in sports and fitness.

Reporter: Xing Hanfu

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