Health Net “Colorectal cancer patients are getting younger!Study: Western Diet Alters Gut Bacterial Ecology

The doctor said that the Western-style diet may change the ecology of bacteria in the large intestine and produce a special type of E. coli, which may cause inflammation of the wall of the large intestine and eventually lead to colorectal cancer; the picture is a schematic diagram. (picture taken from freepik)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]In recent years, the American Cancer Society has changed the recommended age for screening for colorectal and rectal cancer (hereinafter referred to as colorectal cancer) from 50 to 45. Xie Anmin, former director of the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit of Chicago Veterans Hospital in the United States, said that among the newly diagnosed patients with colorectal cancer, the proportion of young people has increased, and the proportion of advanced cancers at the time of diagnosis has also increased. In addition, studies have found that a Western-style diet may change the ecology of bacteria in the large intestine and produce a certain type of Escherichia coli, which may lead to inflammation of the wall of the large intestine and eventually lead to colorectal cancer.

The age of patients with colorectal cancer decreases, and the proportion of late-stage cancers increases

Xie Anmin posted on Facebook “Dr. Xie speaks“The article stated that the American Cancer Society released the “Colorectal Cancer Statistics 2023” pointed out that the proportion of newly diagnosed colorectal cancer patients younger than 55 years has almost doubled in the past 30 years. Among the patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 1995, 11% were under the age of 55, and this increased to 20% in 2019.

In addition, Xie Anmin pointed out that in 1995 before cancer screening became popular, 57% of cancers were diagnosed at an advanced stage. After screening became more popular around 2005, the proportion dropped to 52%, but in 2019 it increased to 60%.

Xie Anmin shared that the author of this report stated that the cases and mortality of colorectal cancer have gradually decreased over the past decade. There are many reasons for this, including cancer screening, treatment progress, and avoidance of carcinogenic factors (such as smoking). However, the recent rejuvenation of colorectal cancer patients and the increase in the number of patients with advanced cancer at the time of diagnosis are two things that worry cancer specialists, but the reasons are not clear yet.

Diet-altering coliform ecology Pathogens stimulate gut inflammation

Xie Anmin explained that the western diet mainly eats more refined grains, sugar, red meat (beef, pork) and processed meat (bacon, ham, sausage, bacon, etc.), while eating less vegetables and beans. Cause systemic and gastrointestinal inflammation (inflammation).

He pointed out that most of the bacteria in the human body do not cause disease, and many fungi coexisting with humans are beneficial, but there are still a few bacteria that are pathogenic, and the recent relationship between pathogenic bacteria in the intestinal system and various diseases attracted widespread attention.

Xie Anmin pointed out that an article in August last yearResearchWith the aim of exploring the relationship between Western-style diet, pathogenic bacteria and colorectal cancer, more than 130,000 people participated in the study. Participants came from two large-scale studies targeting medical workers, namely the Health Professionals Follow-up Study (Health Professionals Follow-up Study) and Nurses’ Health Study. Dietary surveys were conducted every 4 years during the study, and scores were given according to the degree of consumption of Western-style diets.

Xie Anmin said that the results of the study found that a total of 1175 participants had colorectal cancer, 111 of them had a special type of Escherichia coli (E Coli) in their colorectal cancer cells, while the other 1064 people had no such bacteria coli. This Escherichia coli secretes a chemical substance called PKS. People with a high western diet score have a high incidence of colorectal cancer containing this bacterium, while people with a low amount of this bacterium in their cancer cells have a much smaller relationship between their diet score and cancer.

Xie Anmin pointed out that the study confirmed three points:

1. Diet is closely related to some colorectal cancers.

2. Bacteria in the large intestine are associated with some colorectal cancers.

3. Western-style diet may change the bacterial ecology in the large intestine, so that the special chemical secretions of pathogenic bacteria stimulate intestinal inflammation, and finally lead to cancer.

Xie Anmin said that the diet of most Chinese people should still be mainly Chinese or a mixture of Chinese and Western. However, although many people eat a Chinese diet, it still includes a lot of red meat, processed meat, sugar and refined grains, etc. similar to the Western diet. In addition, some people’s diet lacks vegetables and beans, so although they don’t eat Western-style food often, they should pay attention to the prevention and diagnosis of colorectal cancer just like Westerners.

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