YouTuber Great Library, Yum Daeng and divorce after 8 years… “Everyone takes what he earns”

2023-07-30 21:24:02

Correspondent Taebyeong Chae, Money Today | 2023.07.31 06:24

/Photo = YouTube channel ‘Dae Library TV’ capture Internet broadcaster Dae Library (real name Na Dong-hyun) and Yum Daeng (real name Lee Chae-won) divorced after 8 years of marriage.

On the 30th, the library announced its divorce from Yumdaeng through a live broadcast on its YouTube channel. He said, “This time, we decided to divorce by agreement.”

The library said, “We talked about staying as good friends. I made this decision because I thought it wouldn’t be nice to be friends.”

“We live in different houses, but we still see each other once a week and contact each other often,” he explained.

The Great Library also mentioned the distribution of property and the story of a son. He added, “It was agreed that each person would take what they earned,” and added, “Of course, it is right for son A to stay with his wife.” Group A is a son born from a marriage before Yumdaeng met the Great Library.

In the live broadcast, Yum Daeng himself appeared. Yumdaeng said, “After the marriage was finalized, there were no emotional hurdles left.”

The Great Library and Yum Daeng are evaluated as first-generation YouTube broadcasters. The Great Library operates a YouTube channel with 1.53 million subscribers and Yum Daeng has a YouTube channel with 650,000 subscribers. The two got married in 2015.

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