China-UK relations: Staff dissent over UK government’s demand for Chinese investment in Newport chip factory – BBC News 中文

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On November 23, representatives of the staff association of Newport Wafer Fabrications in Wales met with British MPs to express their views.

Workers at Britain’s largest chip factory have urged government authorities to allow the plant to remain in Chinese hands.

Due to national security concerns, the British government ordered Nexperia, which is controlled by a Chinese company and headquartered in the Netherlands, to sell its Newport Wafer Fabrication in Wales (Newport Wafer Fabrications, also translated as Newport Fab)86 % of shares.

About ten members of the Newport Fab Workers’ Association, who traveled to the Houses of Parliament in London on Nov. 23 to present their case to lawmakers, said they were “in disbelief” at the government’s decision.

The British government said it wanted to ensure that the jobs of factory workers would be protected after the stake sale.

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