“Chinese Tourist Finds Corpse Under Hotel Bed in Tibet: A Shocking Murder Investigation”

2023-05-08 02:44:48

A Chinese tourist staying at a Tibetan hotel found himself in the middle of a murder investigation after a corpse was found in his room.

The individual identified as Mr. Zhang showed up at a hotel in the city of Lhasa on April 20. Once arrived at his room, the man notices a strange odor whose source he does not know.

Suspecting that the stench came from the bakery located on the ground floor or from his own feet, the tourist asked to change rooms.

Two days later, he was summoned by the police to the first room where he had been staying.

“I asked them what was going on and they said someone had died. I asked them where the person died. They answered: under my bed”, reported the man.

The investigators told him that they had opened an investigation, but immediately told him that he was not considered a suspect.

Mr. Zhang quickly left Tibet, after helping the policemen as best he could, but he claims to be still in shock and having a lot of trouble sleeping.

“I stay up until 2 or 3 a.m. every morning and the slightest movement wakes me up. This event left me in a bad psychological state”, he claims.

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