“Tragic Neglect: The Story of Valéry, Unnoticed for a Year in his Brussels Apartment”

2023-05-08 05:50:40

Mailbox full to bursting, unpaid bills and rents… Valéry died in his apartment in Brussels, but no one noticed.

Valery died in his apartment in Brussels, at least a year ago, and no one noticed. The man was at the CPAS and lived in social housing.

“It was shocking, I was sick for three days. He was mummified, the body was intact, presumably because of the cold. In the room itself, the smell was unbearable, but outside his apartment, we couldn’t smell anything, ”says Youssef, who lives in Valery’s building, and who confided in the Nieuwsblad.

“His mailbox was full to bursting”

Jenny, her neighbor, says she doesn’t understand: “Her letterbox was full to bursting. I don’t understand why the superintendent of the building didn’t worry. I thought Valery had gone to a nursing home”.

The CPAS told the Nieuwsblad that he had not received any help since February 2022. “Because his rent was very low and we only receive a signal when the arrears reached a certain amount, it took us a long time to notice anything, ”explains the Foyer Laekenois.

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