Chongqing Weiqi team Yang Dingxin advances to the final of the LG Cup World Chess Championship and strives for the second world championship in his career_Shen Zhenzhen_Ding Hao_Daily News

Original title: Yang Dingxin of the Chongqing Weiqi team advanced to the final of the LG Cup World Chess Championship with all his strength to hit the second world championship in his career

On November 16, after the semi-finals of the 27th LG Cup Chosun Ilbo Chess Championship, Chongqing Go team Yang Dingxin defeated Shin Jinjo, the No. . This is also his second consecutive LG Cup final.

In this year’s LG Cup, Yang Dingxin defeated South Korean chess player Park Jinsu and Japanese chess player Shibano Toromaru one after another to advance to the top four. In the semi-finals, Yang Dingxin held white against Shen Zhenzhen. In the opening stage, Shen Zhenzhen played like a fly. When Yang Dingxin spent 20 minutes, he only spent more than 1 minute. It can be seen that the AI ​​layout is very familiar. However, Yang Dingxin responded steadily and kept the situation stalemate. After switching from the lower left to the lower left, he calmly led the situation into the official game pattern. Subsequently, Yang Dingxin took the lead in the countdown after successfully breaking through in the middle abdomen, and the second half of the next set was watertight, maintaining his slight advantage until the end, and winning the battle with pride.

The 27th LG Cup Chosun Ilbo Chess Championship final will be held from February 6th to 9th, 2023. Yang Dingxin will compete with Ding Hao for the championship.

In 2019, Yang Dingxin became the world champion by winning the 23rd LG Cup; in 2022, Yang Dingxin won the runner-up of the 26th LG Cup. Now, he has reached the final of the LG Cup again, whether he can add another championship trophy to his career, we will wait and see.

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