Coldly lied to! Terrible humiliation for Diana († 36)

Blatant revelation about Charles & Queen Consort Camilla

But Diana biographer Andrew Morton, who published the book “Diana – The True Story” in 1992, is now pouring oil on the fire again. According to “”, the Royal author is still running in today “shivers down your spine”, when he thinks about what Princess Diana is said to have revealed to him in a series of secret interviews at the time:

Back then, everyone believed it was the perfect marriage – the handsome prince and his beautiful young bride. But nothing could have been further from the truth

Morton reports on the early days of Charles and Diana’s relationship.

Because: The marriage of the royal couple quickly got the first cracks, because King Charles III. just couldn’t stay away from Camilla. He developed one perfidious tactic, to meet quietly and secretly with the now 75-year-old:

Charles circled a TV show with his pen in the ‘Radio Times’ for the evening to trick Diana into believing he was home when in fact he drove 12 miles in a Ford Escort station wagon to date Camilla.

While the whole palace is said to have known about Charles’ machinations, Diana was ignorant for a long time. A fact that is said to have weighed heavily on the employees: “The members of the royal staff suffered with all sorts of stomach problemswhich were due to the stress of having to lie to the princess,” so Morton.

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