Colombia – Diego Haro and the VAR: Conmebol revealed the audio of the annulled goal to Yerry Mina against Ecuador

Conmebol published the video of the VAR’s conversation about the annulled goal on Thursday in Barranquilla, between the National Team of Colombia in front of its similar of Ecuador, left one of the most questioned controversies of day 12 of Qualifying Qatar 2022.

And it is that just when the ‘coffee growers’ celebrated a bit agonizing on the part of Yerry Mina in minute 99, the VAR would become the protagonist. The Colombian players together with the technical command jumped for joy and celebrated the goal of the Everton defender, while that was happening on the field, simultaneously the referee in charge of the VAR, Leondán González, carefully reviewed the play and noticed “a casual hand with index ”.

Minutes later, Diego Haro You watch the action and make up your mind. They were moments of great tension, but the Peruvian referee observed the fact in the area of ​​Ecuador and had no qualms about canceling the goal.

“I am going to change my decision. Mano de Mina without a card “, was the phrase that Diego Haro said to the VAR seconds before making the contrary decision.

In this way, Colombia closed the triple date of the Eliminatory with three goalless draws against Brazil, Uruguay and Ecuador.


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