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The Holy Scriptures ask “who can resist envy”. We live in times when Christ himself warned that men would be selfish. Being and having are no longer enough in themselves, we want to be and possess what belongs to someone else. Our achievements alone do not satisfy us, we always want to supplant the next. Christ was crucified, according to Pilate, because of the envy of the religious on duty. That is, religion is not enough to shield the heart from this feeling. But how to overcome this evil? The answer lies in the sacred lines that guide “resist evil and it will flee from you”. That is, it depends on our firm position in not accepting that the seed of envy takes root and takes place in the chest. And may new seeds of love for God, faith in Christ and trust in the Holy Spirit be planted in us and come to fruition.

Message from Pastor Ricardo Espindola

savings withdrawals
The booklet showed a record drain, with net redemptions (minus deposits) of R$ 33.63 billion in January, according to information from the Central Bank. This is the largest volume of monthly net withdrawals since January 1995, when the BC survey began. In 2020, the positive record had taken place, amid emergency aid and the greater tendency of families to save money at the beginning of the pandemic.

The Jade Hotel has just won the Traveler Review Awards 2023, a program held annually by the booking and search engine Booking, which aims to recognize the best rated hotels in the notes left by travelers after their stay or experience. It received an average score of 9.0, which included it in the “Fantastic” category and placed it among the best hotels in Brasília.

Brazilian Popular Rock
Everyone already knows that Brasilia is the capital of rock’n’roll… And that it will be the stage for an unprecedented festival, that’s what I’m going to tell you. At 7 pm, at MAB, the launch cocktail of the RPB Festival takes place, in an unforgettable night, with a live show by great national artists.


unpublished show
For the first time, Brazil hosts the Spielberg Film Festival, a retrospective dedicated to one of the most popular directors in the history of cinema: Steven Spielberg. The exhibition marathon starts at the CCBB, from this Wednesday to March 5th.

ready for 2023
The business couple Marília Nascimento and Flávio Abrão – giants in the footwear industry – spent ten days resting on the paradisiacal beaches and inns of Arraial D´Ajuda, in effervescent Bahia. Now, Marília, who is an excellent tennis player, is focused on training to participate in tournaments that will take place at the Country Club in the near future. Her team doesn’t usually leave competitions without a trophy.

Time to read
Inaugurated by the Department of Culture of Goiás, at Gibiteca Jorge Braga, the Comics Reading Club, which will meet every 15 days, on the second and last Tuesday of each month. There will be 16 places available for each meeting. The mediation will be done by librarian Any Serpa Borges and by Ícaro Malveira, doctoral student in Art and Visual Culture at UFG.


Ponte BSB-Gyn
The renowned lawyer Demóstenes Torres toured the best sport fishing style with his family – including his new grandson – in the domains of the Amazon River. Afterwards, he celebrated his birthday in his exquisite office in Brasília – he also has a very high-end space in Goiânia – with good Brazilian music and handpicked guests. Demóstenes is a wine connoisseur and a lover of differentiated gastronomy.

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