Gefertec wholly owned by BIG

The Berlin.Industrial.Group owns all shares of Gefertec. After already buying 10% of EMAG last year, the two founders of Gefertec have now also sold their share package.

Berlin.Industrial.Group (BIG) has been a co-shareholder of the startup industrializing WAAM technology (3DMP) from the start. A few years ago, the machine construction group EMAG bought itself back, but that package of shares has already changed hands last year. Now the two founders and co-directors Tobias Röhrich and Georg Fischer have also sold their shares.

Room for further growth

“Gefertec now has the necessary leeway to expand and strengthen its position in the growing 3D printing market,” says Igor Haschke, director of Gefertec and owner of BIG. The demand for WAAM systems is particularly high in the US . Gefertec has industrialized the Wire-Arc AM technology (3D metal printing with welding wire and an arc welding process) in a 3- or 5-axis machine that can be programmed relatively easily by operators of CNC machines. The AM system is supplied together with CAM software and a quality control system. The machine is particularly interesting for the production of medium to large parts.

High-tech solutions

BIG is a group of high-tech companies in different markets, but each with a high-tech solution in their own domain. The portfolio includes Scansonic, which builds laser systems for the automotive industry, among others. Metrolux, another BIG company, specializes in optical measurement technology for improving laser precision and consistency. Flying parts is a production company that produces single pieces as well as small series for third parties. This is done on the Gefertec machines. Two other players in the industry are Picum MT, which builds mobile machine tools for processing large applications, and MotionLab. Berlin. This is an integrated maker space for hardware solutions that supports, among other things, all startups of the group.

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