Complaint against Ripamonti declared admissible for family who died during fire in Botanical Garden – La Discusión 2024-03-11 20:52:06

The Guarantee Court of Viña del Mar declared admissible the complaint against Mayor Macarena Ripamonti, presented by the relatives of the four deceased in the fire that destroyed the Botanical Garden.

The judicial action was filed on Monday by lawyers Mario Zulmelzu, Luis Cantellano and Pablo Cantellano, and was admitted this Tuesday.

Specifically, the complaint accuses the communal leader of the garden city of quasi-murder. This, due to her eventual responsibility in the death of the caretaker of the facility along with her 3 children during the fire on February 2.

Previously, in conversation with Puranoticia, lawyer Mario Zumelzu indicated that Ripamonti “evidently has a very high, very great responsibility, since the municipality did not have emergency or evacuation plans.”

“There were a series of irregularities in that procedure, such as the official in charge of that presenting a document that was a copy/paste from another commune and, therefore, there is a clear responsibility of the mayor,” he added.

In turn, the Zumelzu Cantellano Abogados firm stated that the complaint against the mayor after what happened in the Botanical Garden also targets anyone who is responsible in a possible investigation.

After the complaint was admitted, the ruling party stated that this does not mean anything. They even point out that the problems in the emergency were not municipal management, but poor long-term urban planning.


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