“Completely overwhelmed”: German Union leaders demand…

After a much-debated New Year’s Eve video, criticism from the German opposition rained down. “Every hour that Ms. Lambrecht remains in office weakens the Chancellor’s authority,” said CDU leader Merz.

The chairmen of the two Union parties in Germany have replaced Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) required. “How long does the chancellor want to look at it? Every hour, woman Lambrecht stays in office any longer is meanwhile weakening the authority of the Federal Chancellor,” he said CDU– Boss Frederick Merz the “Münchner Merkur” (Wednesday).

“But since this New Year’s Eve video at the latest, the whole of Germany has been shaking its head, not just our soldiers, the defense experts worldwide are speechless at how embarrassing and lacking in expertise a minister in our country can appear publicly.” Lambrecht was “completely overwhelmed” in the task, according to the CDU boss.

“Sticks tighter to the office than air-conditioning glue on the street”

Also the CSU-Chairman Markus Söder called for a quick change at the top of the Defense Department. “Woman Lambrecht sticks more firmly to her office than some climate glue on the street,” Söder told the newspaper. “The minister must finally resign – or be fired. The Chancellor has a wife Lambrecht appointed, he must now also solve this personnel problem.” Söder complained that “the great hope of the turning point has become one of the greatest disappointments in Germany – also because of Christine Lambrecht. Our soldiers don’t deserve this minister.”

With her video that was shared on Instagram over the weekend Lambrecht once again attracted great criticism. In it, she takes stock of the year 2022, but her words are repeatedly drowned out by the whistling of rockets and exploding firecrackers. The year presented everyone with incredible challenges, says Lambrecht. And: “A war is raging in the middle of Europe. And that meant a lot of special impressions for me that I was able to gain. Many, many encounters with interesting, great people.” The German government declined to comment on the video.


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