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Comprehensive Shim Ha-eun, who followed ♥ Lee Chun-soo, eventually exploded and changed the wife to a new one.

by archyde
/Picture = Screen capture of KBS2’s ‘The Household Men Season 2’

Lee Cheon-su followed his wife Shim Ha-eun.

On the 24th, KBS2’s ‘The Household Men Season 2’, the couple Lee Cheon-soo and Shim Ha-eun were revealed.

On this day’s broadcast, Lee Cheon-soo said, “I was busy except for my personal YouTube channel, but the program I was doing recently came to an end. I have a lot of time to recharge, but now is the time to recharge.” Shim Ha-eun asked, “Do you have any schedules today? What are you going to do today?” Lee Cheon-soo replied, “What are you doing? You should lie down.”

After lying down for a while, Lee Chun-soo got up for the twins to go to school. Shim Ha-eun said, “I’m at home. What else did you come with?” Lee Chun-soo explained, “It’s been a long time since I’ve had time, but I’ll have to go.” Then she said, “If you have a real question, ask.

/Picture = Screen capture of KBS2's 'The Household Men Season 2'

/Picture = Screen capture of KBS2’s ‘The Household Men Season 2’

After completing twins, Chun-su Lee asked, “What are you doing now?” Shim Ha-eun replied, “I have to look at my work. And I have to go learn tennis.” Lee Chun-su said she would go with Shim Ha-eun where she takes tennis lessons. In the end, Lee Chun-su came to a place where she took tennis lessons from Shim Ha-eun.

Lee Cheon-soo asked, “Ha Eun-ah, are you going to play like this? Go out to the game? Sharapova?” Shim Ha-eun replied, “My heart is Sharapova.” Lee Chun-soo showed concern, saying, “When you practice, you should come comfortably in a learning posture. Don’t you have long pants? Isn’t it uncomfortable when you’re active? You care about your appearance.”

Lee Cheon-su even entered the court instead of Shim Ha-eun. An acquaintance who was taking lessons with Shim Ha-eun asked, “Why are you suddenly going together?” Shim Ha-eun replied, “I can’t tell anyone. I only tell you, but I don’t have a job. I don’t have a job, so I’m relieving my stress right now.” The acquaintance also asked, “Does your brother do all the housework at home and take care of the children?” Shim Ha-eun replied, “What? No. She only does her own thing.”

Not only that, Shim Ha-eun said, “I have a bad mouth again. There were a lot of things to eat with galbi-tang in the morning, but I made it with jjolmyeon. They told me I had to eat something new. It seems like I have five children. I don’t even change my wife.”

By Kang Min-kyung, staff reporter for Tenasia [email protected]

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