Conan Exiles Chapter 3 Update: New Siege Battles and Bar Management System Released!

2023-12-14 23:00:03

On December 14th, indie developer Funcom released the latest update and trailer for the open world survival game Conan Exiles.

The third and final chapter of “Age of War” begins

An update for Chapter 3 has been released for “Age of War” which started in June 2023.

It’s a fitting way to mark the end of an era themed around the invasion of the Stygian Empire, and in addition to being able to enjoy siege battles in PvE, you’ll also be able to take on the role of a bar manager.

A Stygian fortress appears in the Exiled Lands.

Regarding the siege, a new Stygian fort has been built in the ruins of Almeraya in the land of exile, and in addition to the newly introduced battering ram, which is said to be related to the tavern and can be obtained in this siege, explosives and It is recommended that you use stone throwers to attack. Furthermore, if the player leaves the area after defeating the enemy commander, the buildings and enemies will respawn and the player can enjoy the game as many times as they like.

Become a bar manager

The Tavern can be unlocked in Building Knowledge when you reach level 20. By rescuing the tavern owner during the siege mentioned above and leaving him in charge of the store, it also functions as a window where you can sell items and temporarily hire special supporters. In addition, customers will randomly visit the bar and use the chairs installed. It seems that you can currently add warriors, porters, and performers to your followers by paying money.


battle pass

The traditional battle pass has also been redesigned. In addition to installations, armor, emotes, and pets, there are also decorations for the bar as rewards for each tier that can be raised by completing challenges. The bazaar, where you can purchase special in-game items with Chrome Coins, hints at new mounts, armor, and buildings, as well as taverns and pirate-related items in rotation.

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