Confronting monkeypox does not require the same huge measures to confront Corona – Al-Manar TV website – Lebanon

“The organization is not confident at this stage that the spread of monkeypox in humans can be completely contained,” said Hans Kluge, WHO regional director for Europe. “So far, an effective response to a monkeypox outbreak does not require the same massive measures that were needed to combat Covid-19, given that the virus spreads differently,” he explained.

“But – and this is important – we do not yet know whether we can fully contain its spread,” Klug added. “To do this, we need a significant and urgent reduction in infections through communication and coordination, community-led work, isolation of cases during the contagious period and tracing. and effective monitoring.” He explained that “the spread of the virus occurred against the background of lifting travel restrictions that were imposed due to the Corona virus,” and said that “the possibility of infection spreading in Europe and other countries during the summer is high.”

Source: Russia Today

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