Connected: Josie sat crying on the night of the wedding, and Maqreblish, and what do I want to do?? Radwa El-Sherbiny responds boldly and without shame!!

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“There is no man who is being married against him.” Thus, the media, Radwa El-Sherbiny, commented on a call she received from one of the viewers, in an episode that is the procedure of its kind, in which she talked about “marital infidelity on the wedding night,” she ended with a painful question, “I don’t know why you marry me?”

“I got married from the days of salons permission, we didn’t know each other, I loved him very much, on the day of joy at night I heard him crying on the phone and telling one woman, “Believe me, I love you and I died of pain and I can’t come beside her nor look in her eyes, I wish you were with me, I heard him and was shocked and preferred to cry, and I knew why he said sleep and rest Why would he avoid looking in my eyes and talking to me, he loved her all the time and I don’t know why you would marry me?” A painful question was received by the media, Radwa El-Sherbiny, during one of the segments of her “She and Only” program, dedicated to women and girls.

The bride, who discovered her husband’s betrayal of her on the day of the wedding, said: “When I confronted him and told him that I heard him, he told me to marry her because my mother told me that if I married her, I would live angry with you for the rest of my life.

“I wish the parents would let their children choose their life partner.” A sentence with which the bride ended her message to the media, Radwa El-Sherbiny, who was in a great astonishment about the matter, and commented on him saying: “I add my voice to yours, and I tell mothers the feeling of children when they let them marry someone they don’t want, Whether a boy or a girl, there are many families who rape their children. They marry by force and for good health. Otherwise, they use the weapon of anger.”

It is not difficult for me and in complete excitement, the media, Radwa El-Sherbiny, continued, in response to the questioner, saying: “The groom on his joyous day does not want to approach his bride and talk to another one and say I love you and he is close to the other, a clear injustice to the girl who did not need anything in her life and she accepted to get to know her.” A young man in a very respectable and family setting and I married him, I do not sin at all, but he is not difficult for me, he had a thousand ways in which he would marry you without marrying you, it would have been easier for me to treat you as a monster, you or your family, he is neither young nor in a nursery, there is no man who is forced to marry him.” .

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