CORRECTION to OTS171: Kocher and Kraus-Winkler congratulate the Luftburg – Kolarik restaurant in the Prater on the “EU Organic Award”

2023-09-29 16:01:14

Award as “Best Organic Restaurant” is an important confirmation of the industry’s efforts

Wien (OTS/BMAW) “The ‘EU Organic Award’ is further confirmation that the Luftburg – Kolarik restaurant in the Prater is taking a clear path towards more sustainability. It also proves that guests value an organic, sustainable culinary experience. The Luftburg therefore represents all those in the tourism industry who share the vision of sustainable tourism and want to further advance the industry as a whole. Congratulations on this great award!” said Labor and Economics Minister Martin Kocher and Tourism State Secretary Susanne Kraus-Winkler.

The “EU Organic Awards” are jointly organized by the European Commission, the European Economic and Social Committee, the European Committee of the Region, COPA-COGECA and IFOAM Organics Europe and are awarded in 7 categories.

As a company with the Austrian Ecolabel, Luftburg also focuses on sustainability in the energy sector. The electricity requirement is covered 100 percent by renewable energy sources, for example by the in-house photovoltaic system.

“Organic and sustainability are absolutely our focus. We show that you can be both sustainable and economically successful. We see the path to sustainability as an “everlasting” project, a path that never ends. Often it is small steps that we take on this path – but many small steps become one big one. We take all of our measures out of deep conviction because we see it as our responsibility to leave a planet worth living in for future generations. There is no Planet B. That’s why we are proud to receive recognition for all the work and initiatives we take,” says Paul Kolarik, owner and managing director of the Luftburg – Kolarik restaurant in the Prater.

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