‘Counterfeiting controversy’ YouTuber Freesia side denies other allegations… “legal response”

‘At the time of the war’, the filming of Freesia decided to be deleted… Partial editing of ‘Knowing Bros’

Beauty YouTuber Freesia (real name Song Jia) acknowledged the fact that she was wearing counterfeit products, but denied other allegations raised online and announced a legal response plan.

On the 19th, Hyowon CNC, the agency of Freesia, said, “It is also the responsibility of the company to help its creators, who are ignorant of intellectual property rights, have the right concept.

Previously, Freesia apologized, saying, “The controversy is partly true” when allegations of wearing counterfeit luxury brands in YouTube videos, including Netflix’s original entertainment show ‘Solo Hell’, surfaced.

However, the agency insisted that the allegations other than the use of counterfeit products were not true, such as receiving capital from overseas sponsors or that the company supported high-end apartments for the image of Freesia.

He also announced that legal action will be taken against malicious profanity, slander, and false information in the future.

Meanwhile, the MBC TV entertainment ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’ announced that it would be aired after deleting the filming of Freesia, which was scheduled to be aired on the 29th, after a controversy arose.

JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’ also explained, “The broadcast on the 22nd, where Freesia appears, will proceed as scheduled,” but “I will edit some of the scenes where there is no problem with the flow of the broadcast.”

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