Covid-19: Kenya wants to vaccinate all adults by the end of 2022

Kenyan authorities plan to vaccinate the entire adult population against Covid-19 in 2022, the Ministry of Health has announced.

“Kenya plans to fully vaccinate 19 million people, or 70% of the adult population, by the end of June and the entire adult population, or 27 million people, by the end of June. the year,” the ministry said in an immunization strategy paper released on Saturday.

Similarly, the country plans to administer 4.2 million booster doses to all eligible adults, added the ministry, which launched the injection of booster doses earlier this year, amid an upsurge contaminations stimulated by the spread of the Omicron variant.

As of January 15, a total of 11,067,257 doses of vaccines have been administered across the country, bringing the number of primary vaccinates to 6,193,498, while those who are doubly vaccinated number 4,756,375. The number of booster doses administered was 88,433.


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