COVID-19 Testing Guidelines and Reimbursement Information for Individuals in Specified Categories

2023-08-17 11:13:35

As a reminder, systematic screening in the event of suspected Covid infection is no longer relevant, but it remains recommended in the event of characteristic symptoms and contact with a person at risk. If it is still possible to be tested in a pharmacy or in a laboratory, the tests are no longer reimbursed at 100%, with some exceptions, since March 1, 2023. This is in particular still the case for those over 65, minors, patients with long-term illness (ALD), caregivers and staff of healthcare establishments. In other words, unless you fall into one of these categories, getting tested today necessarily induces a remaining charge, even in the event of a medical prescription. Note, however, that part of it can be covered by complementary health insurance.

Depending on the result of the test, the patient unable to work because of his symptoms always has the possibility of benefiting from a work stoppage established by his doctor. On the other hand, since February, it is no longer possible to request a derogatory work stoppage on the Health Insurance website.

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