Cracking Down on Insecurity: Mons Station District Implements Effective Measures

2023-07-27 15:01:00

The district of Mons station more than ever in the sights of the mayor. About ten days ago, on the initiative of Nicolas Martin, an exceptional system was in fact put in place to combat the difficulties encountered in the district of rue Rogier and rue Léopold in Mons. This device followed other measures, such as regular large-scale controls (an operation was still carried out on June 21).

As in all the station districts of the country’s major cities, traffic and insecurity problems persist in this place. A settling of scores which took place on July 13 led the municipal authorities to tighten the screws and to deploy a very strong police presence in the district. The special intervention group of the Mons police, the GASP (proactive specialized support group) and the canine brigade were thus dispatched on the spot in an intense way, to further increase the police pressure and dislodge the disturbing ones.

An effective device

In about ten days, reports from the field show the effectiveness of this system. The first results are very noticeable: the problematic facts are in freefall. The pressure on the neighborhood is proven: in a very concrete way, 86 people and 19 vehicles were checked and around ten minutes were drawn up. The feeling of regaining control of the neighborhood is very noticeable.

However, the work will not stop there: the mayor announces that he has just adopted a decree which will come into force on Monday and which will prohibit gatherings in the neighborhood and will give the possibility to the police to carry out systematic identity checks. In addition, controls of establishments will also be implemented.

This device will last two months, before being evaluated and possibly extended. “We are deploying very significant resources on the ground to eradicate the presence of those who have nothing to do in the neighborhood. Even though these problems are common to many large cities and also fall under federal authority, I cannot tolerate any part of the city experiencing such problems. This is why we have decided to react firmly”, recalls the mayor, Nicolas Martin (PS).

In order to strengthen this security dynamic, a new decree of the mayor will come into force on Monday, July 31. It will prohibit gatherings of more than 5 people and will authorize the police services to carry out surveillance activities and systematic checks of both vehicles and their occupants (identity checks) as well as people on the public highway. within the perimeter of the station district.

”These are two strong measures, but I want to give the police all the means possible to restore a normal situation in this district. The objective is clear and assumed: I want to clean the axis of the station from traffic and deploy a policy of harassment against those who have nothing to do in this part of the City”, adds Nicolas Martin.

”This work is an eternal beginning and should ideally be accompanied by a much more severe federal policy, in order to give results in the long term. But by acting in this way, the municipal authorities are demonstrating a clear and distinct voluntarism”, concludes the City of Mons.

The decree will be applied from July 31 to September 30, 2023 and its results assessed each week.

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