Crisis in the Middle East, the Committee for public order and security meets: there are 250 targets of Jewish or Israeli origin

The escalation in the conflict between Israel and Iran means that the security dossier comes under the government’s scrutiny and Italy locks itself away. Following the decision to convene a video conference between the G7 leaders, a meeting of the G7 will be held this afternoon, Monday 15 April, at 3pm Committee for public order and safety at the Interior Ministry, with the leaders of the police force and intelligence. Sunday morning a summit of the Provincial Committee for Public Order and Security convened by the prefect of Rome Lamberto Giannini «It was useful – as Giannini himself explained – to test the security measures which are already very high in the city. However, there is maximum attention.”

Embassies and consulates, but also associations and meeting places near Tehran. The attack launched during Saturday night by Iran against Israel also had inevitable repercussions in Italy, with yet another ‘update’ of sensitive targets to be kept under maximum control by the authorities. And so, as already happened after 7 October with structures and buildings attributable to Israel and Palestine, the alert was also raised to the highest level for the Iranian representations in Italy.

Today’s summit will serve to take stock of the situation on the threat and remodulate the measures. The fear is not only linked to the possible protests that could take place in the coming days, but also to the actions of the so-called ‘lone wolves’ or in any case of subjects considered particularly at risk for national security. For this reason, the Interior Ministry will carry out a reconnaissance of the objectives considered most at risk – there are at least 250 of them – from diplomatic offices to the headquarters of associations or communities linked to Tehran. At the same time, intelligence and anti-terrorism actions will continue, keeping communication channels open with Arab countries not aligned with Iranian politics.

Obviously, synagogues and mosques remain under close observation, but also the headquarters of the Jewish communities, including the Rome ghetto where the alert has already been at its highest level for months. The area is armored, but still crowded with many tourists, despite the tensions in the Middle East.

Piantedosi: «250 Jewish or Israeli targets identified»

Sensitive targets have therefore been identified, on which the attention of the police is focused. Speaking on 25 March on Tg2 Post, the Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi clarified that «in the aftermath of 7 October, when the Israeli-Palestinian conflict flared up, we identified numerous sensitive objectives on the national territory attributable to that area of ​​crisis. We have identified 250 targets of Jewish or Israeli origin, thousands of sites that we have somehow placed under scrutiny for various reasons.”

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