“Cristiano Ronaldo has the most evil woman by his side”, family of Georgina Rodríguez – Publimetro Chile

Georgina Rodriguez, couple of Cristiano Ronaldo, is about to release her documentary on Netflix called “I’m Georgina”, a situation that has led his family to declare with great anger for being a “scoundrel and forgetting about them.

the couple of CR7 He confessed that before meeting the Portuguese star, he lived a very discreet life and far from luxuries.

The England Journal”The Sun“He managed to talk to one of the relatives of Argentina, and it was there that they expressed their annoyance with her.

“She may feel ashamed of us and consider herself better than us because we don’t live in her luxury. Georgina lived with me during her teenage years. No one told us that Jorge (his father) had passed away. I tried to communicate with her. I have written on Facebook Cristiano Ronaldo: ‘You have the most evil woman by your side,’ said Jesús Hernández, his uncle.

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“We have tried to call her but it seems she has changed her number. Now the whole world is going to find out what a scoundrel he is. Why didn’t he tell us that his father was dead? You can’t hide things like that. He forgot us”, commented his aunt Lidia.

“When it was my son’s birthday, I asked her if I could ask Cristiano to sign a t-shirt for my little one and she said no, that she was not going to bother him since he was on vacation,” added Patricia, half-sister of Georgina.

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