Thai stocks fall 1.45 points, selling in the energy-food sector – Businesstoday

The SET Index closed the market down 1.45 points or 0.09% at 1639.09 points with a trading volume of about 84 billion “Siam Commercial Securities” pointing out that the sales force in the energy-food group, small real estate stocks, hugged their necks. after the treasury confirms that the land and building tax will not be reduced

Mr. Phopchai Patrawit, Fundamental Investment Analyst, Capital Market SCB Securities (SCB) revealed an overview of the Thai stock market on January 25, 65 that the SET Index (SET Index) closed at 1,639.09 points, a decrease of 1.45 points or 0.09% with a trading value of 84,770.62 million baht during the day. Made a high of 1641.68 points and a low of 1624.29 points.

Institutional investors sold net 356.91 million baht, securities account sold net 270.04 million baht, foreign investors bought net 3,421.04 million baht, and domestic investors sold net 2,794.09 million baht.

For an overview of the movement of Thai stock indexes today Sales force comes from energy and food groups. The purchasing power comes from the banking and retail sectors. The strongest gainer was BBL, up 3.09%, with 2022 earnings expected to grow the strongest among banks by 54%.

Stocks that lost sharply were PRECHA, down 10.19%, NCH 9.05% and SAMCO 8.91%, with small real estate developers falling sharply today. This is partly due to the Ministry of Finance’s confirmation that there will be no land and building tax breaks like in the past two years.

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