Cristina Kirchner: “Now some want Kirchnerism to disappear”

2023-10-24 02:21:00

The vice president Cristina Kirchner questioned this Monday without naming the presidential candidate of La Libertad Avanza, Javier Mileyconsidering that “Now some want Kirchnerism to disappear“.

The head of the Senate expressed this when giving an interview to the former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correain which they talked about economics, politics and lawfare.

After the victory of Sergio Massa In the first round, the vice president questioned the political discourse that on the other side “proclaims the suppression of the other,” the “elimination of the opponent“.

Euphoria, blackout and strong support for Cristina in the massist bunker

“There is an Argentine right that is not like the right in France or like the right in Italy that may have positions regarding immigration, but that does not proclaim the suppression of the other,” Cristina Kirchner highlighted.

The former president returned to Buenos Aires this Monday after having voted yesterday in Río Gallegos, Santa Cruz, and He communicated with Massa after the victory.

Cristina Kirchner: “There is no economic democracy in Argentina”

In the interview, Cristina Kirchner also referred to the economic issue and once again targeted the IMF, stating that “it has taken the helm of the economy” in the country.

“In Argentina, after having contracted a brutal debt with the IMF, the IMF has taken the helm of the economy. There is no economic democracy in Argentinabecause in a democratic government who governs the country’s economy is the president who has been elected in free elections and without proscriptions,” he considered.

In his opinion, “economic democracy, understood as an economic project that people validate in elections, does not exist.”

“When there is no economic democracy, finally the social democracy“What has been a paradigm for Peronists, which has been upward mobility, is beginning to degrade and deteriorate,” Cristina Kirchner assessed.

In addition, the vice president maintained that it was during the government of former president Mauricio Macri when “the most dizzying period of indebtedness began, higher than that of the dictatorship due to the short time.”


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