Critical medicine day celebrated – Plaza de Armas

San Juan del Río.- Martina Pérez Rendón, head of the Secretary of Health (SESA) of the state of Querétaro, led the opening ceremony of the First Conference on Critical Medicine that was held in the auditorium of the General Hospital of San Juan del Río with the aim of increasing the quality of care in intensive care services.

In his message, Pérez Rendón emphasized that the continuous training of health professionals is important at the different levels of care with the purpose that each patient is treated according to what is required and that successful recovery is sought.

Likewise, he stressed that in the case of Critical Medicine, one must keep abreast of scientific and technological updates, so that it is of great help for decision-making regarding the therapeutic component; however, it is also very useful for gathering scientific evidence that contributes to health research and, consequently, improving care protocols, risk prevention, and developing new therapies.

He stressed that the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 disease has led to significant changes in medical care and has left great lessons, one of which has made it necessary to have highly trained personnel to work in intensive care units, where it is vital to have with the knowledge and experience in the management of patients who require mechanical ventilation, among other interventions.

It should be noted that, during this inauguration of the Conference on Critical Medicine, the president of the Mexican Society of Critical Medicine and Emergencies, Raúl Soriano Orozco; the director of the General Hospital of San Juan del Río, Julián Martín Jacome Luna; the deputy director of the General Hospital of San Juan del Río, Rubén Silva Vera; from the Intensive Care Unit of the General Hospital of San Juan del Río, Orlando Rubén Pérez Nieto, among other personalities.



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