Crowdfunding Campaign for Bereaved Mother of Lommel Tragedy Victims: Help Nikie Rebuild Her Life

2023-06-12 17:25:00

The tragedy that occurred in Lommel last May moved all of Belgium. A father committed a desperate act by driving his car into the canal while he was there with his two children, Dani, seven, and Levi, four.

A crowdfunding fundraiser has been launched for the mother of the two boys, Nikie, whose heart has been broken by the loss of her entire family. “All these sweet messages that people leave behind warm my heart, I draw strength from them,” says Nikie in the columns of Belang van Limburg.

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It was Nikie’s friends who started the crowdfunding last week. “Nikie lost everything, a loss that cannot be expressed in money. But we heard in our area that there were a lot of people who wanted to do something for her. With this action, she doesn’t have to worry about money matters, but she can focus on this huge loss,” the mum’s friends explain.

And the kitty was a great success, since after one day, “the counter was already at 30,000 euros”. Nikie claims to read every message left by people. “The reactions people are leaving are heartwarming. All these sweet messages touch me, ”adds Nikie. “Dani and Levi will never return, but every euro and sweet message means a little more emotional and financial support for Nikie,” concludes a friend.

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