CRYPTA – Shades Of Sorrow

2023-08-24 06:45:29

Shades Of Sorrow
(Death Metal | Thrash Metal)

Label: Napalm Records
Format: (LP)

Release: 04.08.2023

CRYPT confidently combine classic and modern death metal with significant extreme and black metal elements and refine this mixture with foaming energy and incomparable charisma. Napalm Records

With “Shades Of Sorrow” the ladies of CRYPT again, once shared by the exNERVOSA Musicians Fernanda Lira Luana Dametto and other former girls from HAGBARD and BURNING WITCHES, Founded. Sonia Anubis has left in the direction of COBRA SPELL and was replaced by Jéssica Falchi, who is also active in the IRON LADIES, a maiden cover band, but not much has changed in the sound of the brutal death/thrashers.

There are again razor-sharp, sawing, partly Black Metal colored riffs, heavy drumming and ultra-nasty shouts from Lira. Nevertheless, the Brazilians tried to tweak the details a bit. In the background there are always a few riff gimmicks, short intermezzi and of course furious and no less angry solos, which also bring variety and a little more melody to the band’s sound. Compared to NERVOSA, the work here is much more violent and uncompromising and there is also a certain Stockholm “syndrome” thanks to influences from DISMEMBER and Co. to feel something.

With the more atmospheric “Poisonous Apathy” or the more playful “The Other Side Of Anger” the influence of the 23-year-old newcomer can be felt, since more melodies are allowed in the riffing. On the other hand, the Thrasher “Dark Clouds” gets you really mean in the face and the pounding “The Outsider” means something BEHEMOTH to feel. The only whining on a high level would be the question whether a Death/Thrash chunk of this kind has to last over 50 minutes, which everyone has to decide for themselves.

Even if “Shades Of Sorrow” is an angry monster, CRYPTA show a noticeable progression on their second album, a bit more playfulness and also enough melodies to be memorable enough. A nasty genre bastard with head unscrewing guarantee!

Tracklist „Shades Of Sorrow“:

1. The Aftermath
2. Dark Clouds
3. Poisonous Apathy
4. The Outsider
5. Stronghold
6. The Other Side Of Anger
7. The Limbo
8. Trial Of Traitors
9. Lullaby For The Forsaken
10. Agents Of Chaos
11. Lift the Blindfold
12. Lord Of Ruins
13. The Closure
Total playing time: 51:45


crypta Shades Of Sorrow review crypta Shades Of Sorrow review CRYPTA - Shades Of Sorrow

CRYPTA - New disc from the all-female death metal machine!  + single
CRYPTA – Shades Of Sorrow
Fernanda Lira (Vocals | Bass)
Taia Bergamschi (guitar)
Jessica Falchi (Guitar)
Luana Dametto (Drums)
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