Danger in the UK: Unskilled Cosmetic Surgery Providers and 69% Adverse Effects

2023-07-25 15:02:01

69% of respondents experienced adverse effects.

According to a recent study, over 66% of people who perform cosmetic surgery injections in the UK lack the qualifications of doctors.

This study, the first of its kind to explore providers of injectable cosmetic services such as Botox and dermal fillers in the UK, revealed that dentists and nurses are among those who administer these injections.

69% of respondents experienced adverse effects.

Danger in the UK for unskilled cosmetic surgery

The researchers analyzed 3,000 cosmetic surgery-related websites and identified 1,163 physicians, representing 32% of the total. Among the physicians, 41% were specialists and 19% were registered general practitioners (GPs).

The remaining practitioners consisted of various health professionals, with nurses constituting 13%, dentists 24%, and dental nurses 8%.

It’s worth noting that the injectable cosmetics market is forecast to be worth £11.7bn by 2026, but currently operates with limited regulation due to a lack of transparency into the background of practitioners.

Study author Dr. David Zargaran expressed concern about the diverse backgrounds of professionals and the implications for “competence and consent.”

He stressed the need for the government licensing scheme to ensure that licensed doctors possess the necessary skills and experience to deliver treatment safely and minimize risks to patients.

The findings have prompted the government to consider updating its policy on injectables, with a public consultation scheduled for next month.

The study’s recommendations are expected to influence amendments to the Medical Law in 2024.

Another study by the same authors, published earlier this month, revealed that the 69% of respondents experienced lasting adverse effectssuch as pain, anxiety and headaches.

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While the risks associated with injections are usually mild and temporary, the study also highlighted the possibility of permanent and debilitating physical complications.

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